Clearing the decks for some ‘me’ time

Are you a mother who feels overwhelmed by family and chores? It sounds like you could use some time to yourself and here are three ideas to help you achieve that elusive ‘me’ time.

Make alone time a daily habit and set aside one hour every day for relaxation. A good time is in the evening before cooking dinner and you can use the timer on the oven, just set it to 60 minutes and banish the kids to their rooms until the buzzer goes off. While they are out from under your hair, you can read, meditate, take a nap, do yoga – whatever revitalises you, just don’t let yourself finish the laundry; it can wait.

Schedule an evening to yourself once a month. literally go to your kitchen calendar (or the one on your phone, if you’re hi-tech) and pick an empty day. Make sure your partner knows he’s in charge of the kids that day and try to get out of the house, maybe go to a coffee shop to read or write in your journal.

You could also stay at home, take a warm bath, and curl up in bed with an audio book or podcast. Remember to return the favour and let your hubby have a guy’s night once in a while.

Set up a play-date for your kids or let someone else watch them for a day. While they’re playing, you can go out shopping or just have a long, refreshing nap. Regardless, it feels great having the house all to yourself. We all love our kids, but let’s be honest; being a Mum 24/7 uses up a lot of energy. This is a great way to find that elusive “me time.” Just remember, the mother who is watching your kids now will want you to return the favour.

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