Children’s Toys to Look Out For

Perhaps the two must have toys this coming season will almost certainly be Ben 10 toys and Armouron Toys. Both of them are based around superhero characters with Armouron having a concept which enables children to dress as their favourite superhero characters in a wide range of head and body armour, which is all totally interchangeable.

Armouron Toys won the highly prestigious  London Toy Fair    product of the year award and is expected to be massively popular having been designed by the highly reputable ‘Cod Steaks’ toy company, which is based in Bristol.

Perhaps most attractive from the parent’s point of view in these difficult economic days is that the retail price will be approximately £30. The toys were given their big launch in the windows of the world-famous London toy shop Hamley’s, which is the biggest in the country.

Parents may also be happy to hear that the main idea behind the design was to drag children away from their computers and PlayStations and begin to use their imagination in order to get out into the garden and play in a more traditional manner.

The company spent a lot of time and money studying children at play so that they could design the suits so that kids could get the maximum enjoyment from them, they feel more like a traditional warrior instead of watching one in a now all too familiar video game.

Their only link with the video game world is a concept of ‘role playing’, but instead of animated figure playing the part for them actually get involved themselves, this is why the toys won another prestigious award at the London Toy Fair, taking home the best ‘role playing’ toy award.

The other big contender with young boys this year is the Ben 10 toys selection, these incredibly popular toys are based around a massively successful pair of cartoon series, these toys are also aimed at bringing out creativity and genuine old-fashioned boys play time.

Ben 10 has a “watch” which allows them to transform into multiple superhero characters, all of which are aliens, there are toys which make up these many different alien superhero characters for the boys to collect and interact with other enthusiasts as they lay out their favourite storylines from the cartoon show. There are all kinds of action figure options which pit superhero aliens against a variety of villains.

Both of these mainly boy orientated sets of toys are aimed at making children more active and more mentally involved in their play and to get them out of their bedrooms and into the real world in order to enjoy traditional play with other children.

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