Children with two parents have increased brain cell production as adults

New research is proving that when it comes to parenting having two parents instead of one almost always helps to increase adult brain cell production. As part of a study conducted by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary researchers took a look at adult brain cell production and found that early parental exposure might have a large role in determining production levels.

Scientists studied mouse pups that had single or dual parents in order to take a look at how adult cell production might actually be triggered earlier in life. They found that gender had a lot to do with an increase in adult brain cell production and also the number of parents that were present during the early years.

Female pups that had two parents were shown to have more white matter during adulthood which increases sociability and motor coordination. Male pups with both parents on the other hand had more grey matter as adults which is linked to better memory and learning.

Senior author of the study PhD Samuel Weiss stated that the results of their work prove that supportive experiences with parents while young can have a long lasting effect on the brain function of adults making the childhood years even more important for healthy development well into the later years.

Dual parenting was also found to be beneficial to the next generation of children as many of the benefits were observed in the next generation even if they only had one parent present in their lives. According to the scientists, this proves that the parenting environment plays a large role in the way that adult brain cells are produced.


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