Children still in danger from what they see on the Internet

It has become well known that private information is not so private on the internet and the same applies for the private information of children with activity they take part in online today, possibly being a problem and causing them harm for years to come.

For every ten children a staggering nine of them are said to have a mobile phone as the the world is becoming more connected than ever before and it is no surprise that there are endless communication websites popping up when others become less fashionable. It can often lead to parents becoming concerned about their child’s online well being as they are able to communicate on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

The most positive part of this well connected world is the fact that we can communicate so freely and easily however there is the possibility of flaws to this in the long run with recent studies showing an increase of under 13s using Facebook regardless of the age limit on the site and what a lot of them fail to realise is how much of their online activity and personal data is accessible by others.

There is an easy way to protect children during their online activities with the simplest being to educate them about the dangers and explaining to them each time they tweet, update their status on Facebook or upload a photo the information as well as their own private information is entered in to the public domain.

Even when the comments or photos are removed the problem could still exist as it is very likely that it could have been forwarded on by a friend sharing and passing on the information and the once funny joke that got them a few likes or comments may now become a huge problem as what they think is private between them and their friends has become public.









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