Children often manipulated by divorcing parents

The divorce rate in the United Kingdom is around 50 percent, and most of these marriages will end with the children being disrupted. Children are often manipulated and used by the parents to hurt the other party and this can be damaging for the children as well as the parents.

Many fathers are unaware of the rights they have for visitation of their child and do not educate themselves about child custody. Most feel they are only entitled to visit their children every other weekend and perhaps a few weeks in the summer holidays.

This can cause a lot of resentment for the father as they feel they are missing out on their children growing up. Fathers are often relied upon to pay child support but are often not rewarded with visits from their children.

Courts generally would find that the mother was the primary caregiver and would award primary custody to her. Now it appears the court system is beginning to change and is going to focus more on what is best for the children rather than automatically preferring the mother to be the primary caregiver.

Younger children should have regular contact with both parents but with older children it is acceptable for them to go a longer time between visiting both parents. It’s important to understand that when parents make the initial custody agreement that it is something that can change over time because the needs of the children will be changing as they grow.

It is important to create an environment that your children will feel safe in, and one they are comfortable growing up in. It is essential that both parents have a role in the raising of their children and if you are going to court to decide who gets custody then having this environment is going to benefit your case greatly.

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