Children learn to tell lies all by themselves

Every parent knows that their child has its own personality and no matter how much you try to influence and guide him, he will always make his own choices. One of the best examples for this is rather controversial, but it completely confirms the previous statement. No parent will try to teach his kids to lie, but this is a bad habit which children learn on their own. The truth is, that your children may be lying to you more than you can imagine.

Parents react differently when they hear the first lie coming from the mouth of their child. Usually, they assume that this is just a single situation and a something which their children won’t do often. Most parents have been lied by their children right after they’ve seen them do something wrong.

The most worrying fact is that even 3-years old begin telling lies as soon as they start talking. And while most parents think that their children will stop telling lies as they grow up, scientists have proven the opposite through a research – the more children grow, the more they lie.

One of the main goals of the research was to prove or decline the theory that children learn how to lie by observing and listening to their parents. Researchers believe that the small lies parents tell in different situations are the reason for lying children. Small lies which you think are normal can have a huge influence on your children.

For example, saying that you like someone’s cooking when you actually don’t, faking a smile while hugging a friend or relative who don’t like, etc. By observing such situations, young children assume that lying is not bad and they are basically being ‘trained’ to lie by their parents.

The research also shows that many times permissive parenting is misunderstood by children and they think that their parents don’t care so much for them. Meanwhile, rules-based parenting builds a stronger relationship between the parents and the child and leads to more candid chats.


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