Children changing parents work patterns

A new survey by Family Friendly Working and in an effort to start up the mumandworking awards revealed that parents are still choosing to leave the workplace even though it means that their family income will drop as a result.  The survey also showed that parents choose time with their family and jobs that offer flexible hours over the amount they earn and job security when choosing a job.

About 80% of the parents included in the survey change their working pattern once they started to have children.  The predominant reason that people changed is because they wanted to spend more time at home with their family.  About half of the parents stated that their priorities changed with another three out of ten reporting that there was not proper childcare available for their work schedules.

Another three out of twenty parents stated that it was not financially worth it to continue to work because of the high cost of childcare cancelling out any profit.  Most parents in the survey stated they are happy with their decision with not one respondent answering that they made the wrong choice by leaving a job.  An additional 40% felt that leaving the workplace was the best decision they made.

Out of those who responded to the survey, 43% of the parents were employed and the rest were self-employed, taking a career break, studying, or looking for work.  A small 17% were employed full time.

The financial impact is very real with seven out of ten families reporting their income has fallen and four in ten stating that at times they now struggle.

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