Children’s First Holy Communion costs decreasing

Parents that celebrate their children’s First Holy Communion spend about £900 on the day making, according to a survey, the religious industry worth more that £50m. But those young 9 and 10 year olds only receive about £324 in gifts in Ulster well below the average in Ireland of £411.

National vice-president of the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SvP) John Monaghan said the parents spend that so that their children do not stand out among the others. We suggest injecting a bit of sanity back into the equation he added. It has taken from the sacrament and focused on the show business. There are many who truthfully cannot afford the expense.

Before the recession it was common for parents to hire bouncy castles, limousines and other extras to splash on their children. Plus they splashed out in expensive suits and dresses. The spending had come down by 17% over the past two years maybe order is on the way.

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