Children’s behaviour varies as the develop

Children are able to pick up skills that help them with their interaction with other people and to communicate on an effective basis. They pick these skills up as they are developing and master them in a very quick time period.

You have probably noticed different behaviours at their different stages in developing. Sometimes the behaviours seem a bit out of control and you wonder about what you may do to change them. A five year olds temper tantrum may just be his way of learning how to manage his own anger.

Early in our life we learn anger management and it is one of our most important skills. If there are not alternative ways to let go of frustration and anger then it may appear in other ways as it is in the case of many children when a temper tantrum appears.

Generally a five year old will have good language skills and will manage their day to day relationships with their peers and other children quite well including with teachers or caregivers. But at times or at a certain point they may feel frustrated and feel they cannot deal with what is going on and this leads to their temper tantrum.

The situation can be resolved easily be sitting with them and asking them what is the reason for their frustration and you can work on it together with to help deal with their issues. Making their environment at home more positive helps tremendously to resolve temper tantrums in your child.

Play with your child, have fun with them, enjoy some quality time with them. Create routines and structures and try and maintain them. A child needs structure and a routine in order to feel happy and safe.

Also tell your child you love them and because it is very important they feel wanted. They need to feel a belonging and that there is a family unit. If you do not quickly gain control of your child’s tantrums then they could escalate into even worse fits of anger.

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