Child sleep patterns

There are many reasons why a child or baby will have trouble sleeping. Some of these are because of a change in routine, going on holiday or suffering an illness. There are also some reasons to do with development which might affect how well your child sleeps.

If you find your child is having trouble sleeping then it is important to evaluate their sleeping situation. Your first thought should be about the condition of the room and one of the most important factors here is temperature. If the seasons have changed then it is possible that the ambient temperature in the room has dropped so consider turning up the thermostat or dressing them more warmly for bed.

Changes in the baby’s development, such as learning to crawl will also cause changes in their sleeping routine. Babies will want to crawl at every opportunity once they have learned how to do it and this can disrupt their sleeping. There is also a problem that when babies learn to stand they are not so good at sitting down afterwards and find they need help in doing so.

In order to deal with these changes in your babies sleeping pattern it is important that you don’t change anything too suddenly. Sudden changes in routine can actually worsen the sleeping problems. Remain consistent about everything you do around bedtime and during the night.

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