Child Birthday Party Preparations

One of the most stressful but rewarding days of the year is the child’s birthday party. There is so much to consider and organise even before the big day such as who’s going to be invited? What entertainment will there be? What food and drink will be needed?
Here’s a quick checklist for you to save your sanity and to help avoid a mass panic the day before!

1 Month Before…

With the birthday boy or girl choose what theme that they want to have and who will be invited.
If an entertainer is required make enquiries, get costs and confirm the booking.
If you choose an outdoor party look into buying a pop up gazebo. This can be used to keep the children out of the sun during the day and avoid sunburn or illness.
Once a list for the latter has been drawn up, buy or make invitations and send them out.
Choose the date and time for the party.
Phone around to friends and other parents of children who will be invited to enlist their services to help with the big day.

2 Weeks Before…

Decide on what games will be played and whether any special requirements are needed, such as having a present for parcel the parcel or enough chairs for musical chairs.
Choose what food will be available and what quantities will be needed.

1 Week Before…

Buy the food, cake and any decorations that will be needed.
Ensure that you have enough space on the digital camera to take hundreds of photos.
Phone the helpers and make sure that they are still ok to assist at the party.
Make up party bags.

The night before…

Decorate the house with decorations.
Prepare the food that you can.

And on the big day remember that despite all of this planning things mishaps are more than likely to arise, but remain calm and keep in mind that as long as your child is having a great time, that’s all that matters.

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