Sponsored Video – Toca Boca Artist Play Temporary Ink Tattoos

Here’s a great present idea for the kids this Christmas from Toca Boca, an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. At only £6.30 and with a slim envelope packaging Toca Ink is the perfect stocking filler or Christmas present for all your little app-playing friends. And they complement the Toca Boca apps which have currently been downloaded more than 75 million

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Building the Lego City Forest Police Station with My Nephew

The Lego city forest police station is just one of many sets of Lego toys that are surprising fun for all ages.

Last Saturday, my job was to look after my nephew for a few hours and make sure he had fun. At first, I was slightly panicked about what we were going to do, and had visions of him saying that I was really

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Introducing healthy foods into a child’s diet

Most people are aware of the health advantages of a well balanced diet full of natural and organic ingredients. Fermented foods are becoming increasingly popular are consumers discover the benefits and nutritional gains; even if these foods have a slightly different taste which can take time to get used to.

It’s a good idea to introduce these healthy foods into children’s diets as they can

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Every parent likes some time to switch off and catch up on the news, but in the parenting world, it’s not just about newspapers, there are blogs too. Parents Cafe is for mums and dads with children of all ages; a parenting blog you can refer to as your child grows.

Parenting is a broad topic, so you’ll find blogs on dealing with behaviour problems,

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Sun is three times as dangerous than it was in the 70s

Since the 1970s the rate of malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, in the UK has tripled for those less than 35. There are laws in over 30 states that restrict minors’ access to tanning salons here in the US but it is estimated that over a million Americans use tanning salons.

Developing skin cancer and other problems is in direct relation to

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