Mobile app launched by midwives to help young mums have healthy pregnancies

Young mothers who may be missing out on vital health information are to be supported by a new smartphone app that guides them through pregnancy and the early stages of parenthood.

The Baby Buddy app is free to use by parents of all ages, but is particularly targeted at younger parents including teenage mums, who may not be using antenatal services early or fully enough,

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Does exercising during pregnancy make babies smarter?

Media outlets have continued to publish reports that pregnant mums that regularly take part in exercise will have a smarter baby. For obvious reasons people love the idea because anything they can do to help increase the intelligence of their child is an instant hit. However, most people do not know the actual statistics behind the study.

Researchers took a group of women that were

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Easing the discomforts of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of happiness for most parents, but regardless of how happy new parents might be it is also a great time of discomfort for the pregnant woman. Everyday tasks turn into chores while pregnant including attempting to sleep at night.

Many pregnant women have problems sleeping and toss and turn all night. Outside of discomfort however, it is important to pay attention

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The world awaits the birth of Kate and William’s baby

Many women around the world will not envy the Kate Middleton at this very moment; with her first child on the way within the next few weeks as not only does she have her in-laws and new extended family interfering, she also now has the whole world interested in everything and anything about her first child.

The Duchess of Cambridge should brace herself for an

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Unexpected holiday souvenirs

Coming back from a holiday break, the normal expectations are for you to have a nice tan, or for the reckless few some serious sunburn. Unfortunately for a surprisingly high number of women from Britain, they all seem to be coming back with something more than a skin change: a pregnancy.

A recent poll has revealed that a fifth of women are impregnated during their

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Essentials for Expecting Mothers

So you’re expecting a baby and need a crash course on what you need. Do remember that despite what some retailers would have you believe, you don’t need to break the bank to bring up baby. It’s also worth understanding that you don’t need everything in advance. A child is someone you will have for life, so don’t feel you need to hoard all your

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Pregnant women advised to take Iodine to raise their children’s IQ’s

According to research, pregnant women, or those aiming to have children in the near future should take the required amount of Iodine, present in milk, or risk bearing a child with a low IQ. The study, which included over 1,000 women, showed that the women who consumed less than the required iodine, easily found in milk and foods such as fish, were prevalent to having

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An alternative infertility option

Over the last few years it has become more commonly accepted that acupuncture can be an effective way to combat infertility.

One of the main reasons that this has become more accepted is the simple fact that woman who have had troubles conceiving have been able to have a child using acupuncture as a treatment method.

Therefore, the proof is in the pudding so to

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Law firm warns companies of prejudice against pregnant employees

Liverpool Law firm Maxwell Hodge is warning firms that many are leaving themselves open to legal action from women that have or will face discrimination after they announce that they have become pregnant.

Employment lawyer for Maxwell Hodge, Heather Grant, supported the claim by citing research that came from the Equality and Human Rights Commission that found that even before the recession took place about

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The benefits of joining a pregnancy club

One of the simplest methods of saving money on pregnancy expenses and post-pregnancy is to become a member of a pregnancy and parenting club. A number of leading baby-product brands and supermarkets boast of their special clubs that come together to help expectant mothers to save significant amount of money.

Usually, there are no fees for joining and you could receive magazines, vouchers, samples and

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