An alternative infertility option

Over the last few years it has become more commonly accepted that acupuncture can be an effective way to combat infertility.

One of the main reasons that this has become more accepted is the simple fact that woman who have had troubles conceiving have been able to have a child using acupuncture as a treatment method.

Therefore, the proof is in the pudding so to

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New IVF possibility for older women

Doctors believe that IVF treatments may be more successful for older women if their eggs are spliced with the eggs of a woman that is younger.

In fact, scientists believe that splicing and combining the eggs may double the chance of pregnancy from IVF, due to the fact the younger women’s eggs help to counteract the damage to eggs due to age.

On the other

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NHS care providers not offering IVF when they should

Over 70% of the NHS care providers and trusts are ignoring the official guidance of three chances at IVF offered to infertile couples, per a report a group of MPs. There are care trusts that have discontinued IVF altogether while others put tough restrictions on who is able to qualify.

The MPs described it as a postcode lottery of care wanting trusts to implement the

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Babies born through IVF treatment are cost-effective

Dutch scientists are reporting that babies born through IVF treatment are cost-effective. Such babies, grown to adulthood, actually provide society an economic gain. In a study conducted by Johannes Evers and presented to a conference in Munich on in vetro fertilisation, it was shown that calculations prove a positive gain from the economic contributions to society by in vetro fertilisation babies during the course of

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Obese woman diets to have baby

An overweight woman termed morbidly obese by the medical community who had fetility struggles for the last ten years was able to lose half of her weight in order to give birth to a baby girl.

Lisa Glossop, who at 25 stone found herself with blocked fallopian tubes and a husband with a low sperm count, had all the odds stacked against her given that

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