Losing weight too fast can lead to anorexia is teens according to experts

People who are obese, a category that includes approximately 23% of the UK’s population, are subject to a number of problems both physical and psychological, but when they lose a lot weight over a short period of time, they may have even more problems. The results of a study conducted by researchers at Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic were published this month in the journal Paediatrics, and

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Food expert Beverley Glock offers baby food cookery classes to parents

The cookery courses that author. broadcaster and founder of Splat Cooking, Beverley Glock teaches inspire new mums to be to cook healthy and nutritious food as simply and easily as possible for their babies and their family.

The Glasgow University research team found that previously prepared baby food that are sold in Britain fail to meet the baby’s dietary needs while being weaned, according to

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New Volvic Tropical Fruits

Volvic is one of the best known names in the bottled spring water sector and even though they were one of the top selling brands, with their famous Volcanicity catchphrase, they certainly didn’t rest on their laurels. A couple of years ago Danone, the parent company of Volvic, introduced us to the wonders of their Touch of Fruit range. This proved to be hugely successful

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Cooking with Organix to produce a meal that kids will love

Every child at some time goes through a stage of fussy eating. They will clear the plate one day but the next time the same meal is offered they will shake their heads, refusing to take even a mouthful. This is a fraught time for parents who invariably worry that their little ones aren’t getting enough nutrition and a common mistake is to give them

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Research into child ice cream ‘brain freeze’ continues

Have you ever heard of a condition called ‘brain-freeze’? We usually experience it first as a child when having a bite of ice-cream causes your head to start hurting, think blood-rush in the head. This phenomenon has puzzled scientists for a long time; what is it that triggers headaches after drinking icy cold water or eating icy cold food like ice-cream?

Recent research shows that

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Mince Pies – Bake or Buy?

With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas making mince pies can seem like one job too many and with all the wonderful shop-bought versions around it can be seem easier to buy them.

There are three separate approaches when it comes to mince pies. There is the traditional mince pie made with short crust pastry and either shop bought or homemade mincemeat, the boozy

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Traditional home baking at Christmas

Even those who rarely bake through the year will dig out the scales, mixing bowls and food mixer at Christmas and take over the kitchen with a brutal determination to produce all manner of Christmas treats that will be oohed and aahed at before being demolished. Nobody should be afraid of baking; it is relaxing, therapeutic and cost effective, and well as a lot healthier

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The versatility of oatmeal

You will be hard pushed to find any natural foodstuff that has the health benefits and the versatility of oatmeal. If some of you are now trying to think of something you eat with oatmeal in, think porridge, that is oatmeal in its purest, and most delicious, form. There is nothing quite like a creamy and steaming bowl of porridge to warm you right through

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Research into high fructose corn syrup reveals frightening results

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has been pinpointed as a leading cause of impulsive behaviour in anyone that consumes it. This remains true for any age, and especially for kids given the fact that their diets contain a high amount of HFCS which is found in ketchup, soda, and even fruit juices.

Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at UCSF, Dr. Robert Lustig,

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The A-Z of McDonald’s

Wherever you go in the world, if you fancy a tasty burger or a delicious wrap you can guarantee that you will be able to track down a McDonald’s. This iconic brand has spread across the globe, taking their burgers, fries and Mcmuffins to the masses. There is little we don’t know about McDonald’s, or so we thought until we see their latest advert.


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