Law firm warns companies of prejudice against pregnant employees

Liverpool Law firm Maxwell Hodge is warning firms that many are leaving themselves open to legal action from women that have or will face discrimination after they announce that they have become pregnant.

Employment lawyer for Maxwell Hodge, Heather Grant, supported the claim by citing research that came from the Equality and Human Rights Commission that found that even before the recession took place about

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Working from home is particularly tough for parents

For those who work at home, it can be tough when the children come home from day care or school because flexible work hours can be nice, but make it hard to find time to actually work. After all, childcare always has to come first, but most likely your boss is not going to agree.

It can be great fun to play with children during

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Returning to work after maternity leave

Since April 2007 most mothers have had the option of a full twelve months maternity leave from work. This has allowed them to really bond with their child but when the time comes to return to work it can be a harrowing experience. Following the birth of a baby it is only natural that a mother will not want to leave her child but sometimes

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Statutory parental leave extended to 16 weeks

This month, the period of entitlement for statutory parental leave was increased to 16 weeks. The problem is, however, that many employers are still unaware that parental leave actually exists, while others get it confused with maternity and paternity leave. In their employment law advice guide, Peninsula fully explain the difference, as well as telling you who is eligible for what type of leave.


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