Growing number of unrepresented parents appear in court with less stress with help of new video

The number of parents representing themselves in a child custody or divorce case has increased from 30,000 last year to 50,000 this year. In fact, as per findings from the Ministry of Justice, more than 50% do not have legal representation and this figure continues to climb. This is a direct result of the amendments made in April 2013 that have affected the accessibility of

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Overcoming the problems of becoming a step parent

There are a very large number of single parents out there and many of these are attempting to find a significant other to share their lives with and maybe eventually even get married to. This can be an issue, however, because once they do then the children have to adjust to a new parent in the house and this raises a lot of authority issues

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Learning to date again after a divorce

Divorces are never a happy moment; they are the inevitable ending of a marriage that has just gone wrong somehow. Millions of people divorce every year, and even though it may seem like a very bad moment, something that only you are going through, remember that divorces happen all the time, and that once it is over, you usually end up feeling better, with a

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Local Family Lawyers Will Help You Get Through A Divorce Smoothly

Divorce has never been a pleasant experience for anyone, especially when issues of child custody arise, but with the help of a family law solicitor you can go through the whole process without major difficulties. The first thing you should have in mind when you decide to file for divorce is the well-being of your children. They tend to suffer the most trauma because their

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How domestic violence affects the family home

Domestic abuse is still a serious problem in the UK, with over 2,000 cases reported daily in England and Wales. The effects of domestic abuse are not restricted to the victim – it can have a huge impact on the whole family. Although prosecution rates are up the recession seems to have ensured domestic abuse is, too. The National Centre for Domestic Violence claims that

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Dealing with Mother’s Day in blended families

Due to the high amount of blended families that make up the modern family, attempting to figure out how to properly celebrate Mother’s Day can be a minefield. After all, it is not unheard of to have to consider step-parents, parents, and other adults that take on the parental roles when planning a Mother’s day celebration.

Attempting to figure out where children should spend the

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Getting back in the dating game as a single parent

If you’ve been single for a while then there is going to come a time when you are ready to join the dating scene again. If, on top of this, you are a single parent, things can be even trickier. The chances are that you will eventually meet someone you are serious about and you will want to introduce them to your children.

When you

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The importance of good relations between parents and their children

It is widely known that in a household where the parents do not have a good relationship with their children, there are going to be problems for those children that will potentially affect them in later life. It is also going to make them suffer in the short term, and it is not just about the relationship between parent and child that matters, but also

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Children often manipulated by divorcing parents

The divorce rate in the United Kingdom is around 50 percent, and most of these marriages will end with the children being disrupted. Children are often manipulated and used by the parents to hurt the other party and this can be damaging for the children as well as the parents.

Many fathers are unaware of the rights they have for visitation of their child and

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Campaigners angry over equal contact rights

An official review that fails to give both mothers and fathers equal contact rights with their children after a relationship breakdown is in direct conflict with a policy from the Welsh Government, so claim campaigners.

The report into the family justice system, which processes orders for care and adoption, that has been done by a former civil servant named David Norgrove says that orders regarding

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