Study suggests children in poor families have smaller brains

A new study suggests that children that are born into poor families have smaller brains than those that are born into families that are well off. However, the disadvantage can be overcome by strong parenting. Researchers that took part in the study found that kids that grew up in poor areas oftentimes had smaller hippocampus amygdale volumes than their counterparts. This part of the brain

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Leading neuroscientist says bullying a worse problem than ever

Bullying a worse problem than ever

With new session of schools having started and kids already back behind their desks, Dr Lynda Shaw, who is a leading child psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist, has given a clarion call to all parents, teachers and care givers to tackle bullying head on as it has become a huge social problem today.

Shaw says: “Bullying is unacceptable. Full

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New approach to solving kids’ problems

Facing the dilemma as to what is the answer to the problems confronting your child? Dr Bhooshan Shukla, a child psychiatrist who has been working in Pune for quite some time, has come up with a workshop in collaboration with Vrije University, Amsterdam to make it easier for the parents to find new and innovative methods to find answers to the problems of the kids

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School absences finally dropping

Under English law, children must commence their education in the school term after their fifth birthday and continue it through the last Friday in June of the school year they turn 16. Also under English law, parents can be fined and/or prosecuted if they allow their children to miss school, except in certain circumstances such as illness or with prior approval from a headmaster in

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Children’s mental health services improved thanks to new technology

Brand new hand held computers will give a boost to children’s mental health services by quickly helping to tailor treatments to meet their needs as well as indicating the progress being made, according to an announcement made by the Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb.

Backed with a fund worth almost £2m, children and young people will now be able to use tablet computer within

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Free advice now available for the parents of children who have learning difficulties

Free advice for parents of children with learning difficulties to be given at Harrow Learning and Development Exhibition

Event: Harrow Learning and Development Exhibition

Date: Sunday 17th March 2013

Time: 11.00am – 4.00pm

Venue: Nower Hill High School, George V Avenue, Pinner , Middlesex HA5 5RP

Entry: Free

If you are the parent of a child that struggles with learning difficulties and lives near the

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Researchers look into the science behind baby’s laughing

A research team in the UK has decided to focus on a very popular video on social media sites; laughing babies. Dr. Casper Addyman from the Birkbeck Babylab in London has decided to start a global study that takes a look into the science behind why a baby’s laughter is so appealing to so many. Addyman said that infants’ laughter signals that they are starting

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Simple tale is the latest tool to combat bullying amongst the very young

Shaun the Shy Shark

A simple tale that revolves around a shark who overcomes his fears is now being used in schools, and at home, right across the UK as a new way of tackling the ever difficult subject of bullying. Bullying has to age limits, and can start when children are very young, so anything that can be done to stop it happening

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Derbyshire school uses modern technology to stamp out bullying

Derbyshire school uses modern technology to stamp out bullying

Derbyshire’s Tupton Hall School have started using the Contact Group’s Text Someone that encourages young people to get in touch via email or text as the latest step in their campaign to stamp out bullying.

Victims of bullying or anti social behaviour can report the incidents 24/7 and it links directly to the schools involved

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Dealing with the tantrums of your toddler

Attention is always paid to the temper tantrums of 3 year olds. Sometimes it is no worse than screaming and kicking, or falling on the floor, but it can actually look a lot worse by over interpretation of the behaviour.

Children, like all of us, have the right to get angry, and often their reasons are insignificant like if we don’t allow them to do

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