Is an only child really a lonely child? Not according to a new survey

In times gone by, the number of children produced by a couple hinged more on chance and physical proclivity, i.e. the ability to reproduce on the part of both parents, than it did on any personal choice. Of course in many societies and circumstances there are any number of reasons for and against a large brood of offspring, but in today’s world the general feeling

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Does exercising during pregnancy make babies smarter?

Media outlets have continued to publish reports that pregnant mums that regularly take part in exercise will have a smarter baby. For obvious reasons people love the idea because anything they can do to help increase the intelligence of their child is an instant hit. However, most people do not know the actual statistics behind the study.

Researchers took a group of women that were

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Easing the discomforts of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of happiness for most parents, but regardless of how happy new parents might be it is also a great time of discomfort for the pregnant woman. Everyday tasks turn into chores while pregnant including attempting to sleep at night.

Many pregnant women have problems sleeping and toss and turn all night. Outside of discomfort however, it is important to pay attention

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Study suggests children in poor families have smaller brains

A new study suggests that children that are born into poor families have smaller brains than those that are born into families that are well off. However, the disadvantage can be overcome by strong parenting. Researchers that took part in the study found that kids that grew up in poor areas oftentimes had smaller hippocampus amygdale volumes than their counterparts. This part of the brain

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Controversy raging over new book on ‘how to train a child’

A new book on Amazon promises to help parents get a more upbeat atmosphere in their home that would help reduce the amount of yelling and spankings that you need to deal with on a regular basis in order to get your children to listen. Most parents would be running out to the bookstore to pick up ‘To Train Up A Child’ by Debi and

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Leading neuroscientist says bullying a worse problem than ever

Bullying a worse problem than ever

With new session of schools having started and kids already back behind their desks, Dr Lynda Shaw, who is a leading child psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist, has given a clarion call to all parents, teachers and care givers to tackle bullying head on as it has become a huge social problem today.

Shaw says: “Bullying is unacceptable. Full

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New self-help book aims to plug the gaps in the English language

Jill Bray drew on her years of experience in researching and teaching the English language, her greatest expertise and love, and wrote English Essentials Explained: How to Properly Master the English Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation – and so much more, which is a 160-pages self-help book.

This book, which costs £8 + shipping and is available from Amazon or from Jill Bray’s website, is

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New approach to solving kids’ problems

Facing the dilemma as to what is the answer to the problems confronting your child? Dr Bhooshan Shukla, a child psychiatrist who has been working in Pune for quite some time, has come up with a workshop in collaboration with Vrije University, Amsterdam to make it easier for the parents to find new and innovative methods to find answers to the problems of the kids

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Children with two parents have increased brain cell production as adults

New research is proving that when it comes to parenting having two parents instead of one almost always helps to increase adult brain cell production. As part of a study conducted by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary researchers took a look at adult brain cell production and found that early parental exposure might have a large role in determining production levels.

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Tips on Teaching Your Child About the Dangers of the Road

Latest figures show that over 19,000 children are injured on Britain’s roads each year, with about 2.5 thousand young people killed. As shocking as these figures are, the number of children killed in road accidents has actually fallen by 4 per cent.

The UK Government has advertising campaigns on television warning children of the dangers of the road. New initiatives such as speed awareness courses

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