Can you claim if your child is injured on school premises?

2Unfortunately, accidents in nurseries and schools are common, but that’s only natural. When children play together, there’s always the danger of them getting hurt. It’s all part of growing up and no one wants to wrap their children up in cotton wool.

However, in some cases personal injuries occur which could have been easily prevented. If your child has been injured at school and the accident was someone else’s fault then your child may be entitled to compensation.

The school environment

Some of the most typical cases that come to lawyers are focussed around the school building, grounds or equipment. You may have a claim if your child is made to use old or faulty equipment or furniture, like chairs or sports gear, where a fall results in an injury.

If your child trips and is injured due to badly maintained paving or receives a cut from broken glass, these are hazards that should have been taken care of by the school. The fact that these dangers were left unresolved means you could be entitled to a claim. The presence of asbestos at a child’s school can also make you entitled to a claim, if your child develops any kind of illness as a result of it.


But it’s not just the school itself that can pose a danger to children, but also the irresponsibility of staff. For instance, if a teacher requires your child to carry something that’s too heavy for them without the proper instruction or equipment, then any injury to back muscles or anything else could mean your child is entitled to a claim. The same goes with the kitchen staff, if a school meal results in any kind of serious food poisoning.

It might also be possible to make a claim over an assault or attack, though it’s best to speak to a lawyer first for more information on this. Some of these cases might be a playing accident or, if it’s more serious, it might be a police matter. If you feel an attack warrants a claim, then contact a lawyer or firm that specialise in this area.

Finding a lawyer

Like with any injury case, it’s best to find yourself a Medical Lawyer. Making a claim can be a very difficult and taxing process, requiring a period of inquiry along with the civil claim. No one likes to be left in the dark, which is why you want a specialist in the field. They will provide you with patience, understanding and explanations in plain English, so you can fully grasp the process you’re going through, making things a whole lot easier.

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