Campaigners angry over equal contact rights

An official review that fails to give both mothers and fathers equal contact rights with their children after a relationship breakdown is in direct conflict with a policy from the Welsh Government, so claim campaigners.

The report into the family justice system, which processes orders for care and adoption, that has been done by a former civil servant named David Norgrove says that orders regarding contact rights should only be made when the parents are unable to make these arrangements amicably between themselves.

Campaigners are now saying that these recommendations made in this report of the Family Justice Review aren’t going to do anything to help those with the most deep seated of problems that are at the heart of the system, meaning that things are unlikely to improve for either the parents or the kids.

The Cymru branch of ‘Familes need fathers, both parents matter’ has Paul Apreda as its national development manager, and he says that this report effectively fails the children in Wales who are being deprived of their constitutional rights to have both contact with their parents and also a meaningful relationship after a break up or divorce.

The Welsh Government were concentrating on Childrens rights when they put them at the centre of a public policy back in May when they introduced a Measure of Right. This incorporates articles of the UN convention and, according to Mr Apreda, is effectively presuming that there will be contact between the separated parents and their children, unless serious issues such as abuse are preventing it.

He added that these so called proposals would also have the effect of making a child’s rights to contact a parent dependant upon the whim of the other.

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