Buying your first real family car

Buying a family car isn’t easy, because there are factors that dictate what works best – especially when looking at its level of practicality.

When deciding on what will work best for all members of the family (and pets), there are many things to consider. If you are considering buying your first family car, here are some tips to guide you in the right direction.

Wide doors

While it is a no-brainer that opting for five doors instead of three is the right choice for families, it’s worth ensuring that the back doors open wide enough for children to get in and out of the car (as well as being able to freely load prams and other equipment to and from the vehicle at ease). Five-door cars are also considered safer, which will come in handy for reducing car insurance quotes.

Stadium seating

Raised seating at the back of the car that’s higher than the front seats is known as ‘stadium seating’ is a standard feature for multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). It’s particularly helpful for families with young children because the raised seats make it much easier to fit child car seats and to lift and seat small children before and at the end of your journey.


If you have young children who require child car seats, then people carriers/MPVs are probably the only practical option for the whole family to get from A to B. Also bear in mind that vehicles with two fold-up seats in the rear are also very popular amongst families with young children.

Hatchback or saloon

While saloons can often look larger than hatchbacks, in reality they have smaller boots. So, loading equipment such as prams and pushchairs into saloon vehicles with their high load lips and narrow openings can sometimes prove to very trying. Try taking along your pushchairs and prams to test the vehicle out as there is nothing more annoying than settling on what you thought was the perfect car, only to discover a crucial flaw. If you have a dog, then it’ll definitely be better for Fido to go for the hatchback option.

Lots of storage

Good storage space simply equates to less clutter in the car. If you opt for a vehicle with ample storage space to house all those toys, snacks and drinks, then you’re already half-way there.

In-car entertainment system

It’s worth looking into an in-car entertainment system with a TV screen so that you can play music, DVDs (educational, of course) or children’s TV programmes or films to entertain the children. When you’re back home and they’re driving you mad, it might even provide five minutes’ respite for Mum and Dad!

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