Building the Lego City Forest Police Station with My Nephew

The Lego city forest police station is just one of many sets of Lego toys that are surprising fun for all ages.

Last Saturday, my job was to look after my nephew for a few hours and make sure he had fun. At first, I was slightly panicked about what we were going to do, and had visions of him saying that I was really boring and rubbish to play with. Something you never want your nephew to say. The thing is, much as I love spending time with my nephew, there’s usually someone else with us, so I don’t have to think too much about these things and am not in charge of his full entertainment. Fortunately, my friend Jack came to the rescue a few hours before my nephew arrived. “Look,” he said, “I guarantee you that the second he sees the Lego city forest police station he’ll think you’re magic and the most fun ever.” And believe it or not but actually Jack was right. No sooner had my nephew arrived than he had it out of the box and was playing with the Lego toys, saying I was brilliant. From my adult perspective, it couldn’t have gone better.

What I didn’t expect was that my nephew James would be an expert at building with Lego toys. Yet that’s exactly what he was. And the best thing was that I was soon an expert too. I hadn’t played with Lego toys in many years but it was easy to remember how to do it, and this fun new kit was just as much pleasure as I remembered.

The coolest thing about the Lego city forest police station was that there was so much to do, even for me. Opening the box, there was a grizzly bear and a helicopter to be found, as well as a quad bike for tearing around, not to mention the gold bars that had to be protected at all costs. 633 pieces of absolute magic waiting for little James and I. An hour or so into the build, I was looking at my watch and wishing that time would slow down, not speed up. The Lego city forest police station wasn’t the easiest thing to make, but the instructions helped and it was fun solving the problems of how everything fitted together and what could go where. I suppose you forget about these kinds of things when you become an adult, and that’s exactly why it’s so much fun to play with them again.

One of the best things about Lego toys, I now remembered, was that each set was much more than just a set, it was a story which you were free to make up. In this case, the story was intriguing and James was something of a little genius. We had a pair of robbers on the loose and I had to keep an eye out for them, as they’d gone and stolen the two gold bars I mentioned earlier. At the same time, it wasn’t like we could ignore the dangerous jaws of the grizzly bear either. Jim informed me that it could be hiding anywhere, like behind one of the trees that came with the set, or behind the toadstool.

In terms of running the police station, that was a job in itself. Luckily, James had played with other Lego sets and was happy to take responsibility and call the orders. We both had a walkie-talkie each, as provided in the set, and if the beehive showed any sign of becoming dangerous then I promised my nephew that I would be on guard to take care of it. All the time, James looked after the bank-notes and reported on the whereabouts of the two robbers. When darkness came, he handed me the miniature flashlight so that that naughty grizzly bear wouldn’t sneak up on me. That was very appreciated.

Aside from all the pretending, the most fun was had in finishing the construction of the police station, of course. None of it was difficult, and my fellow expert guided me through the trickier aspects which I wasn’t sure about. Lego is amazing, and thanks to my friend Mark I didn’t have to think too much about entertaining my nephew. The set pretty much did all that on its own.

Oh, I almost forgot, before the day was out James and I managed to put away the robbers until they could be taken to a more secure jail. They gave the gold bars back, but James didn’t believe that they were sorry and said that they’d have to be watched in the future, just in case they had any more ideas up their tiny criminal sleeves. The only problem was that our police officers had drunk too much coffee from the coffee machine that was provided with the set. Aside from that, and the grizzly bear still roaming free somewhere, it all worked out perfectly.

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