Blending families is not an easy task

The modern day step family is now referred to as a blended family, but blending families together is never an easy task, and there are the invariable common conflicts to contend with. Most of these occur between the parents who are trying to blend their respective children’s lives together, and the most common one is where one parent is upset because they feel as if the other is taking the side of their own offspring whenever problems occur.

What many seem to forget is that when there is a blended family, the children suddenly have two different kinds of parent. They will have their biological parent as well as the step parent. If their other parent also remarries, that gives them two separate blended families so it is little wonder that they play up at times and test the ground to see if the same boundaries are in place in each family.

Another thing to remember is that love and respect grows over time, you can’t expect it to be instant, and the happiest blended families have more than likely taken a long time to develop. Think about it this way, you have taken time to get to know your partner as your relationship has evolved, there could have been months or even years between meeting, falling in love, getting engaged and then married.

Even if your child knew your partner from the beginning, the step from being their parent’s boyfriend or girlfriend to step father or mother is huge for children, and a new relationship between them needs to develop. This is even more important is they have also now acquired step siblings. You can’t make kids get along, fact, and they will need time and patience to develop any kind of relationship.


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