BeSpoke Nanny cures parents blues in 3 days

Kathryn Mewes - Bespoke NannyDespite if she is faced with food fights, tantrums, or poor sleeping habits the ‘BeSpoke Nanny’ who in real life goes by Kathryn Mewes claims that she can alter behaviour and fix the family dynamic in just three days of service.

Kathryn claims that she can offer solutions to befuddled parents that have exhausted all other options by drawing on her 16 years of experience with children and her Norland training.

For those who do not like change, her open belief that all families are unique and that there is no wrong way of parenting should be heart-warming as she goes outside of the typical book answers to find the real source of the trouble.  Kathryn believes instead that with the right opportunities and guidance any healthy and normal child can learn new patterns and make the right choices on their own.

Using the idea that it takes 3 days in general to settle into a new routine, this is the amount of time she spends with a new family. Day 1 comes as a surprise, the 2nd day things begin to feel familiar, and by day 3, change is being accepted and a fresh start begins to unfold.

Kathryn said, “I love the challenge of working with families who have tried everything to no avail, and showing them how a new perspective and approach can work. There’s no doubt that children can be challenging and parents seeking advice don’t always know which way to turn due to the overload of information out there, but I really can help because my service is ‘just for them’.”

She added, “I go into a family’s home, watch what’s happening and look at the bigger picture because often there is more than 1 reason why a child is behaving in a certain way. I work with the parents and child to find a positive solution we then put into practice during the 3 days and they can continue to use long after I’ve gone. I frequently remind parents ‘Nobody knows your child better than you, other than themselves!’ and giving them that power can really transform lives’.

Mrs Stevens, a client of Kathryn, said, “My husband and I would like to thank you for the amazing advice you gave us to help with our son’s communication and behaviour issues. He is thrilled about his reward charts and after 2 days this system is definitely helping. We were all, ‘wowed’ by you”.

Rosie Millard from London added, “We think you are remarkable! Thanks again for all of your help. We miss you.’
Whether it’s sleep patterns, eating concerns, potty training, tantrums or instilling a new routine, the Bespoke Nanny spells the end of battles and misery and be the beginning of a happier way of living.
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