Behavior modification in children

Many wonder if programs designed to change the behavior of children are really effective. If such programs actually work, they will assist parents in giving their sons and daughters useful skills that will help them throughout their lives. Aside from life skills, children will also gain confidence, self esteem, and a sense of duty and responsibility.

Historical psychologists, Pavlov, Eysenck, and Skinner are credited as the “fathers” of behavior modification. Today’s behavior modification programs aimed at children use the same fundamental principles pioneered almost a century ago. These principles include consequences for bad behavior and rewards to reinforce positive behavior.

Parents dealing with rude, disobedient, and misbehaved children should seek assistance in behavior modification. Bad behavior must be recognized, labeled, and stopped immediately. Positive behavior must be suggested to children and reinforced to encourage continued good behavior.

Many parents are apprehensive to subjecting their children to behavior modification programs. This is understandable, but such programs can help parents become better at their roles of disciplining their children for their wrongdoings and rewarding their children for positive behavior.

It is the parents’ responsibility to instill in their children a sense of responsibility and knowledge that there are consequences that must be faced for negative actions. A child’s behavior reflects upon their parents, so behavior modification can be seen as a wise family investment.

It is imperative for parents to teach their children the skills that they will need to navigate through life. Here in the UK, the government has public funds allotted for assisting parents with troublesome children. Before investing in a behavior modification program for your children, it is suggested that you fully research the program. Research the author or counselor of the program, and find out if he or she has rapport among his or her peers.


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