Bathing a baby not as easy as you think

Bathing a baby is a very complicated job which must be done carefully and patiently. Bathing your child the wrong way hides many risks which can hurt your baby or cause different health problems. Of course, the most important job is to check the water’s temperature and make sure that it isn’t too hot in order to prevent scalds.

The second major problem which we will take a look at is drowning. This problem mostly applies for very young children who must be constantly observed while taking a bath. Newborns can’t keep their head up for longer than a few seconds, so you need to support it and keep it out of the water. Bathing a child is a time-consuming job and you shouldn’t be distracted by anything while doing it, because a moment of inattention can have terrible consequences. Basically, the most important bathing tips you should remember are checking the water’s temperature and constantly supervising your children.

In order to avoid distractions take the necessary time to prevent everything you need in advance. Never leave your child alone in the bath. Having your partner around is very helpful, because he can help you and supervise the child if you have to urgently do something. You should also turn off your cellphone in order to avoid unnecessary distractions.

The water temperature should be checked several times before and during bath time. Make sure that it isn’t too cool or too hot. Maintain the perfect temperature by adding cold or hot water. The best way to test the temperature is to use a special thermometer, but you can also use your elbow if you don’t have one. As you can see, bath time isn’t difficult, but you must pay attention at all times and make sure that the water isn’t too cold or too hot. Follow these simple rules, and bathing your child will be a safe and enjoyable job.


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