Barnardo’s tells the story of Ellie

Barnardo’s, the UK’s leading children’s charity has just launched what can only be described as a very emotive new advertising campaign. ‘Ellie’s story’ is a 60 second movie short created by London company BBH which shows the distress and turmoil victims endure every day.

The intention of the commercial, first shown during the highly popular “Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway” Is intended to highlight how children who are in a position of vulnerability can find a way out with the right type of support. In fact, the main message from Barnardo’s through this campaign is that their purpose is simply to ‘support the unsupported’

their intention is to totally change the circumstances of the U.K.’s most vulnerable children. In the advert we see a child being supported by a strong and enthusiastic teacher during a school concert. We also need Ellie, a young teenager who with the help of Barnardo’s is just beginning to deal with a sexually abusive home-life.

Like so many children, Ellie believes she is alone and there is nobody out there to help her. Barnardo’s wants to underline the fact that people need to stand up and assist these kids who often have no other support of any kind.

Barnardo’s selected Michael Pearce, a BAFTA-nominated director who graduated from the NationalFilm & TelevisionSchool to tell the story of Ellie. Pearce said that “The challenge was to connect the audience with the characters and take them on a journey in a very short amount of time. I thought the film needed to be cinematically compelling but also be very intimate and feel real”.

The film does feel compellingly real; in fact Ellie is played by a young actress, Morgan Campbell, who is extremely convincing in her first ever acting role. Although Ellie was played by an actress, her story is all too real, and Barnardo’s states that it represents the real life of thousands of children every day all across the UK.

The commercial ends ‘With the right support children can conquer anything. Help us support the children who need it most’.

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