BackCare’s ergonomic schoolbag protects the health of your child’s back

BackCare’s ergonomic schoolbag protects the health of your child’s back

BackCare’s ergonomic schoolbag protects the health of your child’s back

Parents are always concerned about the health of their children, but one element they often overlook is the health of the children’s back. Fortunately, the company BackCare have developed a product which is specifically designed to protect children’s backs while they are at school. This is in the form of an ergonomic schoolbag, which researches shown protects a child’s back from the damage that some schoolbags are capable of doing.

Back pain is often thought of as an older person’s problem, but BackCare’s head of research, Dr Adam Al-Kashi, is keen to emphasise that this is not the case. ‘More than 120,000 of the 4 million children currently at secondary school in the UK will see a doctor about back pain before the age of 16. BackCare recommend that 11-16 year olds carry no more than 10% of their bodyweight, yet at least half of them will be asked to carry more. A recent study in Spain assessed the back health of over 1,400 children aged between 12 and 17, and found that those carrying the heaviest bags had a 50% greater risk of back pain.’

The burden placed on children’s’ backs is compounded by choosing unsuitable bags, and carrying bags over one shoulder due to social pressure.

The BackCare backpack is the best way to ensure that your child’s back stays healthy for the future. It features a patented curved underside to help spread the load of heavy textbooks, ergonomic carrying straps and a lightweight profiled back panel for improved ventilation. Half the battle of caring for children’s backs is education, so the bag also has maximum weight information and carrying advice printed internally.

The backpack is priced at £25.99 and can be purchased from the BackCare website:

Purchasing the BackCare bag is not only the best way to ensure your child follows this advice and preserves the health of their young back: the price of the bag includes a donation to BackCare. This enables them to carry out groundbreaking scientific research into the causes, prevention and management of back pain, and influence public policy, reducing the burden of back pain.


₁ BackCare commissioned research from 2002


More information about BackCare’s research into back health in school children can be found at

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