Babymoons are the latest big thing in the travel industry

A new holiday trend is starting to become very popular. After honeymoons, now we have something called babymoons, a celebration of pregnancies, and a new trend that is taking the nation by storm, thanks to some clever marketing and some celebrity name drops. Kim and Kanye took quick vacations in Paris and Brazil for their own pregnancies and now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to the Caribbean in order to be along together, again in a celebration of their expected child.

Yet not only celebrities are doing it. The babymoon is becoming popular in everyday couples as well, with the months leading to the arrival of a kid being the perfect moment to relax and take a bit of time off. A recent survey showed that over 20% of new parents admitted going on a holiday before the baby was even born, celebrating the start of their role as parents.

The best time to go on a trip is early in the pregnancy, a time when complications are unlikely to happen. It is best to keep to low-key activities but doing something not be become bored. The survey polled over 2,000 couples from around the UK and many of them took up to one or two weeks vacation time in a sunny destination. Some of those however admitted that the trip had been booked before the baby was even announced.

A majority however said that the incoming infant was the primary reason why they wanted to take a trip together so that they could get some quiet time as a couple before they would have to dedicate a lot of time raising the child. Some of the popular destinations included Sardinia, Maldives, Portugal and Riviera Maya in Mexico. Many of these same respondents also say that after the baby arrived, they did not get to spend much time alone together any more.


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