Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Sharing in the joy and celebrating the upcoming birth of a baby can be very exciting.  When you’ve been invited to a baby shower are you stumped about what to give?  There must be a list a mile long of things a new baby needs, but finding just that right gift might be harder than it seems.

First consider a gift theme: bath time, bedtime, playtime, eating time, or cuddle time.  Once you’ve decided on a theme choosing a gift or group of gifts becomes much easier.

  • Bath time:  Begin with a fluffy bath towel for kids.  Choose a cute one with a hood that is big enough to swaddle a baby up in.  A nice fluffy towel makes the best part of bath time.  Add to that for a bigger gift a nice new baby bath tub or for a smaller gift some sweet smelling baby soaps and shampoos.  You can also include a fun splash time toy for when they’re older and ready to play.
  • Bedtime: Choose a cuddly baby blanket, paired with some nice new cute pajamas.  Other bedtime items might include new sheet sets, a mobile, or if you’re looking to go in as a group maybe even a crib or bassinet.
  • Playtime: From birth to toddlerhood babies go through lots of different toy stages.  Early toys for playtime might include a fun tummy time mat or how about a few fun teething toys.  As a baby gets older they enjoy stuffed friends, blocks to stack, and toys of all kinds that make noise.  The hardest part of choosing a gift for playtime is narrowing it down to only one.
  • Eating time:  While the expectant parents might have already purchased a high chair, there are many more things you can get to make eating time fun for both mom and baby.  Whether bottles or their very first bowl and spoon for baby food, paired with some cute bibs you’ve got a great gift.
  • Cuddle time:  Who doesn’t enjoy cuddle time with their new little one?  A great group gift for the mom to be might be a comfortable rocker she can use to just rock and cuddle.  Other cuddle time gifts include swaddling blankets, night lights, or music mobiles.
  • Any time gifts: There are other gifts that always make a great debut.  Cute little baby outfits, packages of diapers and wipes, and even baby safety items for baby proofing can make a great gift for expectant parents.

Whether going it alone or as a group, choosing a fun baby theme for gift giving is a great idea.  You can also be sure to get just what they want by looking for their baby registry.

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