Are Bank Accounts Parent Friendly?

The terms family friendly and parent friendly are used so many times these days that is they aren’t phrases you are aware of you have clearly been living under a rock. The meaning of both is self-explanatory, and you will find them most frequently used for holidays, hotels, restaurants and such like. One area where you may not have heard it mentioned, however, is where banking is concerned, even though there are awards given out for being parent friendly banks.

The Tommy Parent Friendly Awards are given to any establishment or service that has proven themselves to be parent friendly. Halifax, for example, is parent friendly and has several times won the bank section at the Tommy awards. They were credited with being the top bank to take the needs of parents into consideration as well as making their lives a lot less stressful. As the awards are voted for by parents themselves, they offer a pretty good guide to the where to look for the best parent friendly service.

As well as winning this Tommy award Halifax have also oft been named as the bank which offers the best savings account for Children, proving themselves not only to be parent friendly but family friendly. There are many ways that Halifax pride themselves on being parent friendly and it isn’t restricted to bank accounts. They have also been praised by staff for the flexible approach they take to working parents, something those juggling work and home lives greatly appreciate.

So the answer to the question at the top of the page is yes, bank accounts can be parent friendly, just not all of them. At first glance, it may seem that there is little difference between current accounts on the high street, but it is the little things that you do not immediately noticeable that makes the difference between a bank account being parent friendly, and not. Extended opening hours at the weekend, play area for the children if you have to go into the bank for a meeting and all windows manned at lunchtime if you have to pop in all go towards a bank being family friendly.

When it comes to bank accounts itself, extendable overdrafts when the kids are on holiday and you need more cash at your disposal are just one of things that will see a bank deemed as parent friendly. If you are reading this and thinking that your bank account does not offer any particularly parent friendly features then it may be time to change to one that does. A quick scout around the net will bring up a plethora of results which will make it easy for you to find a bank account with the best parent friendly features to suit your needs.

Don’t be put off looking for a better bank account for yourself thinking it will be an arduous task. A few minutes on the Internet and you will have a choice of accounts, including the Halifax one mentioned earlier which has won all the awards.

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