Angst is a teen girl thing

Teenage angst is twice as common in girls as it is in boys the same age says a think tank study. The group Demos says that young females’ minds have taken a sharp turn for the worse in recent years with over 900,000 being depressed or unhappy.

A total of over 30% of the females said their mind was that way and that amounted to more than twice the rate of young men. About feeling worthless the percentage was 16% to 7% for young men and losing confidence the young ladies were 23% to 12% for the men.

There was an increased decline since 2009 says a separate poll that the same think tank took in response to this same report being published this Friday. In this report the amount of young teenage girls that said they felt very happy reduced from 34% to 17% and the not very happy mindset increased from 9% to 16%.

Demos Deputy Director, Julie Margo says that growing up has always been difficult, it is not something new, but the research shows that this particular generation has more of a reason to wallow and have problems than previous ones. Growing up in Britain is very tough as a girl and even tougher in this day and age. The survey was of 500 women ages 16-19 across the UK.

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