Amanda Holden is pregnant again

Guess who’s at it again? Yes, Amanda Holden, the TV presenter, with her new baby boy! She’s still pregnant by six months! She announced on her website that she’s due in March.

Amanda, 39, has stated that she and her husband, Chris Hughes, 37, would like to share their joy that they are having their second baby. They were married in 2008.

Since the tragedy last year, where their last baby died, they are doubly excited to be having another. The doctor verified that everything is fine so that they could finally let the news out.

They have a 4-year old girl, Lexi, who shares their exuberance. Amanda will still work at Shrek the Musical in the West End of London and Britain’s Got Talent Season 5.

Amanda admitted that she had been aloof and focused on the thoughts of having more kids. Although she was married before, to Les Dennis, the comedian, and went through a separation due to an affair she had with Neil Morrissey, the actor, she feels stabilized with family and marriage.

The news of the pregnancy was a bit of a shock to her colleagues, as well as her fans. Piers Morgan gave her guff on Twitter. He twitted, “How in the world could she hold that secret in, being so unmuzzled as she is? We’re all elated for Amanda and Chris.”

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