Alternatives to University

With an estimated 180,000 students not getting into university this September, students were faced with the uncertainty of their future.  One website helping students to explore their options is, which aims to help young people make informed decisions about their future by showing the opportunities that exist outside of university. University is great for many people & UCAS has long existed to show students the courses available. shows the other side and is often described as the ‘non-graduate UCAS’.

The scale of interest in non-University options has been unprecedented this year. reported a record 10,000 visitors to the website on A-Level Results Day, around double the level from the previous year.

Managing Director Spencer Mehlman believes “there has definitely been a change in student’s perceptions towards university, its associated debt and its value to their career. Today’s students are keen to explore vocational qualifications and are starting to view them as a viable route to success”.

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