Adoption Charity, Adoption Matters Northwest, Launches Online Diary of would-be adoptive parents

adoption matters northwest logThe heartache and highs of adoption are to be laid open to public gaze in a unique monthly diary written by a prospective adopter.

The first, emotionally-charged installment will be unveiled during National Adoption Week (1-7 November) by would-be adoptive parents, Dave and Lisa Chandler.

The devoted couple never even contemplated adoption – until the miscarriage of a longed-for child during a foreign holiday.

More devastating miscarriages followed and when unsuccessful attempt at IVF finally put an end to their hopes of natural childbirth, the couple began to consider adoption.

Their heartbreak propelled them on a journey that will see their lives and those of their immediate family being assessed in painstaking and often highly personal detail by highly experienced adoption practitioners to ensure their suitability for the role.

If accepted, they will join other would-be adopters from the area in a special preparation group designed to prepare them emotionally and practically for the challenges head.

Ultimately, usually within eight months, the couple will face a panel of experts who will decide whether to approve them as adoptive parents and the age and number of children they can adopt.

At that point, they will begin the challenging process of choosing and eventually meeting the children that will become part of their permanent family.

Dave and Lisa’s adoption journey is with Adoption Matters Northwest, one of the country’s leading specialist adoption agencies that has already placed 3,500 children with adoptive parents during their 60-year history.

AMNW has offices in Chester, Hale and Blackburn and operates throughout the Northwest and North Wales.

“After everything they’ve been through, it’s a remarkably brave decision for Dave and Lisa to share their highly personal feelings and experiences through a public diary, not even knowing whether they’ll be accepted for the preparation groups or if they’ll complete the process,” said AMNW Chief Executive, Norman Goodwin.

“It will be a compelling ‘warts and all’ story that will hopefully help dispel some of the myths surrounding adoption and perhaps encourage others to consider finding out more about adoption and the 4,000 children who are today in care and desperate for the opportunity to start a new life with a new family.”

Dave explained the reasons behind their decision to share their journey in public.

“There are many people who have endured the same heartache and only they can fully appreciate the pain and anguish we’ve been through. We want some good to come out of all this.  Until we got involved with Adoption Matters Northwest, we didn’t realise there were so many children in care as a result of abuse, neglect and family breakdown.”

Dave added: “It was a shock to discover that there are many sibling groups involved and that many of the children never get a single enquiry. Adoption could be the way for us to fill a massive void in our lives and as well as creating a better future for one or two of those children.  And if the diary inspires other to find out whether they could follow in our footsteps, so much the better.”

The first of the monthly installments will appear on 1 November on the Adoption Matters Northwest website

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