ADHD is spreading like a wildfire

ADHD is a condition that some people would regard as a creation of the pharmaceutical industry. In 1985 the number of children diagnosed with ADHD was around half a million, 25 years later the number is around 7 million. The treatments for the condition are a big business and it seems that diets for children with the condition are about to become another business associated with it.

The consensus is that generally ADHD diets are not so effective in controlling a children’s behaviour but it is well known that there are certain foods that worsen the condition. Generally these foods that increase the child energy levels or even something that causes a minor allergic reaction in them. A recent call is being made for the European Union to ban certain food colourings which increase how hyperactive children are.

Junk food is also something that can exacerbate an ADHD problem, this includes fast food as well as ice cream, lollipops and chocolate. It is a good idea to avoid fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola and stick with a drink such as water. Replacing these foods with vegetables and fruit is a good step and smoothies are something that children will enjoy as a replacement for soft drinks. Better yet parents can add ingredients that are healthy for their children to them and they will probably never know.

Adding omega-3 supplements to smoothies and including protein powder are a good way to increase the healthiness of a smoothie. Fish oil has also been shown to have benefits for mental health. Avoiding caffeinated drinks also means the children will get a good nights sleep and this will ensure they have better concentration during the day. There are plenty of guides on the Internet and in forums about which foods are beneficial to children with the condition.

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