Accepting the fact that the perfect parent simply doesn’t exist

It is really easy to start to think that you are ‘messing up’ as a parent. After all, with so many parenting articles on the web that are supposed to be educational that explain how parents mess their children up and are doing everything wrong it can be easy to start to get a bit down.

However, if you take a close look at authors you will discover that many times these articles are not written by anything close to an expert and should be avoided for your own sake. The following are a few myths when it comes to parenting.

The first myth is that if they repeat a ‘bad’ word you must be a horrible parent. The thing is that nearly every parent is going to have one moment where their child repeats a word they say. It is simply natural that kids are always going to hear you the one time you do not want them too, even though they will manage to miss hearing you tell them to clean up every time. It’s just not worth getting that upset over.

Next up on the list is the idea that you chose to purchase something second-hand for your children. The way children grow out of clothes in just a few months makes it hard to want to buy everything brand new, and there is no shame in heading to a second hand store.

The more you spread around the more your children will be able to have which makes you an excellent parent instead of one that is being cheap all of the time. Anything that can be washed is up for grabs second hand.


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