Help your child develop foundational skills as a player with Manchester United Soccer Schools. Additional benefits include the development of behaviour, discipline, attitude, communication, fair play, and enthusiasm. These are lessons that will stay with your child throughout life. They will also learn that keeping fit and healthy is always a good idea for a good life.

“The courses at Manchester United Soccer Schools are more popular year after year, since they involve football training plus more.  Our courses are confidence building, improving social techniques on top of football skills,” the head of Manchester United Soccer Schools, Emma Savage explained.

‘Kids come back year after year because we instil in them the drive of the game, the passion for playing football. That is how it has been here since the school’s inception in 1999.”

Our Player Development Course lasts two days and costs £69.95. Our coaches are UEFA qualified and they utilize a combination of a player’s journal and the latest training equipment to achieve goals. Progress development is closely monitored for feedback and response adjustment.

For our Residential Courses the prices are only £499.95 and £599.95. Your child will never forget their time with Manchester United Soccer Schools. These courses have the UEFA coaches, the modern training equipment, and the player journal, but also a Nike Training Kit and backstage access to the closing ceremonies at Old Trafford.

For the more information on all courses available in 2011 please visit: www.manutdsoccerschools.com

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