A guide to your baby’s first health check

The first medical checkup to your baby usually occurs in the first 24 hours after they’ve been born. Generally this is something that occurs in front of both partners, and the doctor will do the checkup and let you know that your baby is healthy. This will be something that is very reassuring to hear, and will mean that you are going to probably shortly be able to leave the hospital.

When your baby is born, one of the first things that will happen is they will be measured by a doctor, however, the medical checkup is something that will normally occur later. At the second medical checkup the head circumference of the baby will be measured, and the doctor will rule out any possibility of abnormal skull growth or damage to the brain.

The heart rate of the baby will also be checked by the doctor using a stethoscope and he will also make sure that the baby has strong lungs. Sometimes babies can have a heart murmur, and this is not uncommon, and is generally nothing to worry about.

You are also going to see the doctor prod and poke the baby in various ways, and don’t be alarmed by this, it is completely normal. This is to ensure that none of the organs in the baby are swollen, and that everything is in good condition.

To make sure that the skeletal structure of the baby is normal, the doctor is also going to measure the length of the babies legs, to make sure that they are the same, and that they line up. Your baby is going to complain about these various tests, but don’t worry about this, as they are completely necessary.

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