70% of girls unhappy with their bodies

A recent survey has revealed that around 70% of girls who are aged between 14 and 15 are not happy with how much they weigh, in an attempt to tackle their perceived problem the survey revealed that one third of them are skipping breakfast.

Schools Health Education Unit conducted the survey and also found that nearly 40% of 10-year-olds are also not happy with how much they weigh. As the girls get older it tends to be that they become more concerned over their weight and out of all the 15-year-olds who were questioned it seemed that only a third of them were happy with their weight.

For boys the situation was much less pronounced although around a third of them between your six and ten stated that they would like to lose weight. The data was collected from over 80,000 pupils from years six, eight and ten at schools across the UK. The most shocking statistic with that of third of girls in year 10 had not eaten breakfast on the morning they completed the survey.

A quarter of those who skipped breakfast also stated that they did not have lunch the day before. A scientist from the British Nutrition Foundation,Dr Laura Wyness, has said that “The media has a very strong influence on how young people perceive their own bodies and much emphasis is placed on having the perfect body shape. Unfortunately this means that young girls will become unhealthy in trying to achieve that proclaimed perfect size.

“Many will skip breakfast which is a meal that contains many essential nutrients that are required for a healthy diet. Skipping breakfast is not a healthy option and it can actually impair cognitive function. Some schools have started breakfast clubs to ensure that their students are eating healthily and this has had a positive effect on the education of the children.”

Another study has also revealed, rather unusually, that skipping breakfast can actually cause people to be overweight. This study also reveals that as students age they will tend to be less vegetables and fruit, this is despite recommendations from the government that five portions of fruit or vegetables should be consumed daily. Over 40% of boys said that they did not eat fresh fruit or vegetables every day. The figure for the girls was just over 30%.

The study also showed that 40% of both girls and boys from year six did not eat protein everyday but that they did eat sweets, crisps or chocolate on a daily basis. With regard to water consumption, the survey showed that 75% of girls who were 14 and 15 drank less than a litre of water a day. The government also says that people should drink over 1 litre every day to prevent dehydration. The survey also showed that as children got older they did less exercise.

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