10 best places to take the family on holiday

If you are looking to take your children away to introduce them to culture, cuisine and generally amazing city breaks then why not consider one of these wonderful holiday destinations:

Istanbul, Turkey: Here you will be able to introduce your children to mosques, palaces, museums and bazaars. They will get to experience the feel of a ‘magic carpet’ while sampling delightful cuisine and vegetables and meats that they may never have even heard of before. Your children will feel like they have been swept away on a magic carpet ride here and there is something for the whole family to enjoy.

London, England: London is going to be the host of the 2012 olympics and surely this is as good a reason as any to take your children here. During the summer months there are lots of wonderful locations, such as Somerset House, that allow you to splash in the wonderful fountains here and during the Winter months you can wrap up warm and enjoy hot
chestnuts down by the River Thames.

Oaxaca, Mexico: This is a vibrant Mexican city that is small enough to be explored on foot. There is lots of open space here for children to keep them occupied and a vibrant market for Mum or Dad to find that ideal gift for someone back home.

Vancouver, Canada: It is fair to say that Vancouver is one of the most liveable cities in the World. With water, beaches, parks, hiking and biking trails and wonderful people this destination really does have it all. If you are looking for a real exploration challenge with the family then the Rocky Mountains are just approximately 65 miles away.

Lisbon, Portugal: You and your children can go on a tram ride to a magical castle, visit some of the local marine life in the aquarium or even take in the exhibits that the Maritime Museum has to offer. You will lots of fun while visiting here and your children are sure to remember their visit here for the rest of their lives.

Los Angeles, USA: This is a fantastic place to visit if you have older children. With Disneyland, Universal Studios and Santa Monica among some of the attractions here there is going to be plenty for your elder children to enjoy. Fear not though as there are plenty of rides and activities for the younger children too!

Singapore: Singapore is a fantastic way to introduce your children to Asia. This is a vibrant location that is filled with wonderful cuisine and lots to see and do for the whole family. There is a dolphin lagoon, a butterfly park and even an underwater world just waiting to be revealed.

Copenhagen, Denmark: This is a real old fashioned location that somehow just comes to life and captivates its audience, regardless of age. With the Tivoli Gardens and Bakken palace here there is must to keep children, young and old, learning and having fun on their city break. While in Denmark why not check out Legoland also.

Italy, Rome: Being home to gelato your children will love you from the instant that you arrive. With lots of green spaces and areas of cultural significance to be viewed you will have lots of fun filled days here.

Sydney, Australia: While here you can take in the local marine life at the Sydney Aquarium, visit Koalas at the Park Sanctuary and even visit the Taronga Zoo to see some animals that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

Wherever you travel with your children they will be sure to learn something new about a different location and a different culture that will make you feel amazing forever for having taken them!

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